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We want to buy your Kleinguenther K-15, K-12 & K-22 Rifles today!  Call Neal at 830-624-6779 to discuss your rifle. 

Kleinguenther, Inc began importing rifles and rifle actions in 1972 from Voere in Germany were they would often improve the rifle including adding a stock with their special beading allowing them to guarantee 1/2 MOA with all of their guns. The original Kleinguenther rifle was called the Shikar and was known as the poor man's Weatherby. In 1972 the Shikar model was improved and built to spec for Kleinguenther and that model became known as the K-14. The K-14 has a magazine hidden under the floor plate/trigger guard and the safety is located on the back of the bolt. The K-14 was replaced in 1975 by the K-15 Insta-fire, has the safety located on the right side of the action and has a floor plate with the magazine located under it. The K-15 Insta-fire was later improved after Voere sold off their assets in bankruptcy to Mauser who redesigned the floor plate making the magazine accessible without opening the floor plate; this model was named the K-15 Improved and was also known as the Titan II.

Most stocks are the original versions sent to Kleinguenther from Voere and vary from high polish to hand rubbed oil finish.  Most of the highly polished stocks are on the K-14 and early K-15 models.  Later versions of the K-15 models mostly have a matte finish or hand rubbed oil finish.  Barreled actions were imported and given the Kleinguenther treatment and were available with fiberglass and custom stocks from Reinhart Fajen in various configurations including thumbhole stocks.  Normally you can tell if you have a Reinhart Fajen stock by looking at the recoil pins in the stock.  If the recoil pins screwed into the stock are flat and not rounded over, you probably have a Reinhart Fajen stock.  Just because it might have a Reinhart Fajen stock does not necessarily mean it is worth more money, it all depends on the style and finish.  As with all Kleinguenther rifles, condition is EVERYTHING!

Shikar, K-14, K-15 Insta-Fire, K-15 Improved and Titan II models were available in the following calibers: 243, 25-06, 257 Weatherby Mag., 270 Winchester, 270 Weatherby Mag., 7x 57, 7mm Mag., 308, 30-06, 300 Winchester Mag., 300 Weatherby Mag., 338 Winchester Mag., 375 H&H, 308 Norma Mag., 340 Weathereby Mag., 411 KDF, 416 Remington Mag. & 458 Winchester Mag. There were a few left handed models produced but not in all calibers.  There are other various calibers that were made to order but most odd calibers were probably altered once they left Kleinguenther.  If you are missing a magazine for a K-14, or K-15 Instafire, they are VERY difficult to find.  When we have them, they are very expensive because they are expensive for us to obtain.  Do not lose your magazine since they are next to impossible to find!

Not all calibers were available with every model. There was also the K-12, K-13 & K-22, which are very nice .22 rifles. Besides rifles, there were also shotguns made by Zoli and various other customized rifles produced by Kleinguenther.

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235, Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 7mm Mag,
Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 7mm Mag.  This very nice Voere Titan II rifle has a very nice oi..
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine
Please call for  availability as these magazines are very difficult to keep in stock.  ..
Kleinguenther K14/ K15 Instafire, .243 magazine
Kleinguenther K14/ K15 Instafire, .243 magazine.  This is a rare magazine for a K14 or K15 I..
Kleinguenther K22 Magnum Magazine
These are one of the rarest Kleinguenther magazines!  We have one standard size and one exte..
NEW Scope Bases & 1" or 30mm Rings
We now carry NEW scope bases and rings for all Kleinguenther K-14 & K-15 rifles.  New, i..
K-12 & K22 Magazine
Call for availability. Original Kleinguenther magazine that will fit the K-12, .22LR and the ..
Kleinguenther Extended Magazine for K12 or K22
Kleinguenther Extended Magazine for K12 or K22 rifle.  These extended magazine that will fit..
Kleinguenther K-14 or K-15 Instafire Magazine, 7mm Mag, 300 Mag., .308 Norma, 338 Win Mag.
Kleinguenther K-14 or K-15 Instafire Magazine for 7mm Mag, 300 Mag.  This particular magazin..
567, Kleinguenther K22, .22LR, SOLD!
This is a very rare Kleinguenther, model K22 in .22LR.  It has been almost 3 years since we ..
576, Kleinguenther K22 Mag, SOLD!
SOLD! This is one of the hardest to find caliber Kleinguenther rifles period.  This is a ver..
615, Kleinguenther K15, Fully Engraved, RARE, 7mm Weatherby Mag.
This is a very rare Robert Kleinguenther, Placer Corp. Seguin, TX K-15 rifle in 7mm Weatherby Mag..
616,  Klienguenther K15 Instafire,Engraved, 7mm Rem. Mag., SOLD!
Fully Engraved Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire in 7mm Rem. Mag.  This fully engraved rifle feat..
573, Voere Voehrenbach, Model 201, .22LR, Double Set Triggers, SOLD!
Voere Voehrenbach, Model 201, .22LR with Double Set Triggers (This is the same gun as the Kleingu..
Kleinguenther K-14, .243 Win., SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-14, .243 Win. SOLD!  This very rare K-14 models is one of the very first K-1..
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, .257 Weatherby, SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, .257 Weatherby, SOLD!  This rare caliber gun is a one owner and..
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, 25/06, SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, 25/06. SOLD! This rifle is in near perfect condition and in a very d..
Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, .300 Weatherby Mag., SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, .300 Weatherby Mag., SOLD! This Kleinguenther rifle is in average c..
Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, 25/06 Fully Engraved!  SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, 25/06 Fully Engraved including the scope rings, SOLD! This is a ver..
Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, 25/06, SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, 25/06 SOLD!  The 25/06 is the most popular caliber currently i..
Mauser Model 201, .22LR (Same as Kleinguenther K-22), SOLD!
Mauser Model 201, .22LR (Same as Kleinguenther K-22), SOLD!  This is the exact same rifle as..
347, Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, .300 Weatherby Mag., SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved, .300 Weatherby Mag.  This very nice rifle features an original ..
509, Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, .300 Win Mag w/ Swarovski Scope, SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire, .300 Win Mag w/ Swarovski Scope, SOLD!  This is a very nice K-..
510, Kleinguenther K15 IF, .243 Win., SOLD!
Kleinguenther K15 IF, .243 Win. Sold!  This rifle is in the hard to find .243 caliber and co..
Kleinguenther K-14, 30/06, SOLD!
  Kleinguenther K-14 in 30/06, SOLD.  This rifle is in exceptional condition with n..
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine, .375 H&H Mag.
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine.This magazine will fit the following calibers: .375 H&am..