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Voere Voehrenbach

We want to buy your Voere Voehrenbach rifles, call us today! Voere Voehrenbach of Germany was the manufacturer of the Kleinguenther rifle.  Kleinguenther was the importer of this rifle into the United States before they sold to Mauser in 1990.  When a Voere Voehrenbach of Germany was imported into the U.S. they where normally stamped with Kleinguenther, Seguin, TX.  There where Voere Voehrenbach rifles that did not always get the Kleinguenther stamp and normally these rifles are a little less valuable than those that were stamped Kleinguenther even though many where sold by Kleinguenther.  There were also a fair amount of Voere Voehrenbach rifles that where brought back  from Germany by people serving in the U.S. military that were able to buy these rifles on base in Germany while serving, and upon return to the U.S. where allowed to bring them home.

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235, Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 7mm Mag,
Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 7mm Mag.  This very nice Voere Titan II rifle has a very nice oil rubbed finish stock and is in excellent condition.  The stock is about 98% with only the smallest handling mark.  In the pictures I tried to capture these marks but it is very difficult to see since they are so minor.  The butt pad is in good condition for its age but does show a little wear from sitting in a safe.  The bluing on this rifle is also about 98% and shines like a..
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine that will fit the following calibers: .375 H&H This magazine will only fit the K-15 Improved.  This rifle can be identified by looking on your barrel and making sure it says K-15!  Once you have done this flip the gun upside down and look at the floor plate.  If you can see the bottom of the magazine (meaning there is no hinged floor plate) you have a K-15 Improved rifle.  This magazine will also fit the Voere Voehrenbach Ti..
NEW Scope Bases & 1" or 30mm Rings
We now carry NEW scope bases and rings for all Kleinguenther K-14 & K-15 rifles.  New, in the box with all screws, wrench and instructions to mount on your rifle.  These new bases are polished blued to match most original finishes and come in either 1" or 30mm rings in medium height.  These all steel (not cheap aluminum) mounts were designed to be very sleek with no screw heads sticking out.  The bases and rings were previously available dateing back to the 70's and ar..
*325, Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 30/06
Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 30/06. (This model is identical to a Kleinguenther K-15 Instafire) This Titan II rifle is identical to the K-15 Instafire with a hinged floor plate to access the magazine. This gun is all original but has been hunted with and shows this normal wear on the stock.   This stock has normal minor scratches, dents and dings and I have done my best to show them in the pictures.   The bluing is in much better condition than the stock and has only m..
Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 30/06 with Double Set Triggers, SOLD
Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 30/06 with Double Set Triggers, SOLD!!  The Titan II is the exact same rifle as the Kleinguenther K-15 Improved but at a lower price. This rifle in 30/06 was purchased from the original owner who bought it from a US military base in Germany years ago.  It has only been fired a couple of time therefore it is in like new condition.  The stock is near perfect and has a typical Kleinguenther deluxe polished finished.  The bluing is in perfect c..

Voere Voehrenbach, (Germany) Titan II, 30/06 with Double Triggers, SOLD
Voere Voehrenbach, (Germany) Titan II, 30/06 with Double Triggers.  This beautiful rifle is in 99% condition and according to the original owner has never been fired!  It has a very nice hand rubbed oil finish stock that looks brand new.  The bluing is perfect on this gun and no flaws can be seen anywhere.  This is as close to a new rifle as you will ever find on a Voere Voehrenbach.  This is the exact same gun as the Kleinguenther K-15 Insta-Fire and by the looks of ..

Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine, SOLD!
Kleinguenther K-15 Improved Magazine, 300 Win. Mag. & 375 H&H, 338 Win. Mag. SOLD!   This magazine will fit any of the calibers just mentioned as well as many other smaller calibers.  It will also fit 25/06, 270, 30/06 & 7mm Mag. This is an original magazine and the bluing is in excellent condition.  Shipping and insurance is $12.00.  We accept cash, money orders, and cashier’s checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.  Credit cards wi..

Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 7mm Mag., SOLD!
Voere Voehrenbach Titan II, 7mm Mag.  This is a very nice rifle that was bought at a military base in Germany and brought back by a serviceman.  The stock on this rifle is has various minor impressions and a few very small scratches.  The condition is pretty typical for a rifle that has been used, but cared for.  I would rate the overall condition of the stock about 85%.  The bluing is in overall excellent condition with no real conditions other than swirl marks for w..